Date: June 07, 2018 - June 07, 2018
Place: Milan



The Commission on Life Science met on June 6, 2018 to decide the winning startup proposal for the sector.


The commission chose among ten finalists pre-selected by UniCredit Start Lab Team. The Commission was composed of senior executives from leading Italian companies such as:


  • Antonello Biscini, Senior Advisor for Business Development  Menarini Diagnostics

  • Maurizio Colombo, Vice President, Sapio Group

  • Marco Ferrari, CEO, Anemocyte,  Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici Group

  • Giuseppe Ganassini, CEO, Istituto Ganassini

  • Danilo Mazzara, Senior Manager, Accenture Strategy

  • Giuseppe Vita, President of Supervisory Board, Axel Springer



After some debate, winning Life Science startup proposal was PROMETHEUS - a company that creates three-dimensional human and animal tissues that can be used in pharmacological tests and in transplants. The first product already developed and patented is a second skin for the regeneration of chronic wounds. Employable immediately in the veterinary sector and in the future in the human field for the treatment of ulcers, bedsores and severe burns


The commission awarded second place to INTELLIGENZA TRASPARENTE- a company that manufactures patented, ultrasound transparent and real-time personalized neurosurgical prostheses that allow the use of ultrasonography for diagnosis and HIFU for oncological treatment



Third place went to MERYLŌ - a new patented device that uses red blood cells as vectors for patient-specific anticancer drugs. It provides an innovative approach to the encapsulation of the drug in red blood cells, which allows the use of the device in line with the patient



Additionally, the commission decided to award a special mention to BPCOMEDIA - a company that has produced a patented medical device for measuring the health's state of patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD), capable to detect the onset of flare-ups and critical clinical situations. It highlights prognostic symptoms that patients are not able to perceive and prompts them to contact their doctor in order to receive an early treatment and avoid potential dangerous situations before symptoms appear


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