UniCredit Start Lab was set up to support young entrepeneurs, innovation and new technologies


UniCredit Start Lab was set up to support young entrepreneurs, innovation and new technologies.

The UniCredit Start Lab business platform is dedicated to innovative startups in all sectors, offering them a multidimensional program to help drive business ideas forward. It includes cash grants, mentoring, network development, managerial training and specially tailored banking services.









UniCredit Start Lab grew out of "The Talent of Ideas" - an accelerator program UniCredit founded in 2009 to actively support young and innovative entrepreneurs with their business projects.



With the launch of UniCredit Start Lab, the program has now been enhanced and offers a number of extra features:







Why UniCredit?


The only player in the innovation space able to offer international scale, with a presence in 17 countries.


We are one of Europe's leading commercial banks, with an extensive network spanning 50 markets, comprising with more than 7,800 branches and over 143,000 employees. We are known for our strong European identity, significant international presence and broad customer base, as well as our balanced strategic positioning in Western Europe as well as in Central and Eastern Europe.


A multi-industry and international customer base of thousands of corporate clients, as well as professionals and institutions to help grow your network and create business opportunities for innovative startups. We bring together universities, incubators, investors and science and technology parks to work together on sustainable projects.

One of our main objectives is to establish strong relationships with our corporate clients and network of institutional contacts; we are not just a bank, but rather a key player in long-term strategy planning and execution. We can offer you a direct link to our network, combining innovation and experience to create industrial, technological, commercial and strategic partnerships, giving startups the best possible support.


We offer real, focused partnership, to help you develop your idea for the market.


We give ongoing support to the innovative startups in our accelerator program, through a dedicated team and a group of experts chosen specifically to help bring your ideas to market. Our in-depth knowledge of the innovation ecosystem and key sectors of the economy allows us to structure our accelerator program in a way that effectively meets your needs and provides opportunities for growth.


A bank dedicated to innovative products and strategies, always ready to adapt to changes in our working environment.


The evolution of our environment has led us to focus on generating value for our clients, while also contributing to the development of the communities where we operate. We believe that innovation is the way to achieve these goals: we are working to establish a new approach to banking, by investing in the development of cutting-edge solutions and embracing the ideas generated by the ecosystem around us.