Date: July 03, 2019 - July 03, 2019
Place: Milan

The Commission on Innovative Made in Italy - The Winners


The Commission on Innovative Made in Italy met on July 3, 2019 to decide the winning startup proposal for the sector.


The commission chose among ten finalists pre-selected by UniCredit Start Lab Team. The Commission was composed of  senior executives from leading Italian companies such as:


  • Gianluca Giovannetti, Innovation and Business Services Central Director, Amadori

  • Giangiacomo Ibba, President, Fratelli Ibba

  • Danilo Mazzara, Principal Director, Accenture Strategy

  • Michela Petronio, Director of Blu1877, Barilla Group

  • Leonardo Raineri, Innovation Manager, Miroglio

  • Laura Rocchitelli, President, ROLD Group


The winning startup of the first prize for the Innovative Made in Italy Innovative sector is HIRO ROBOTICS, an innovative startup that designs and develops an advanced vision guidance robot system combining adaptive control techniques with artificial intelligence algorithms. The startup wins a € 10,000 grant.


The second prize went to WOOD-SKIN, which produces and sells 3D coating products for walls and ceilings, easy to install and install. The product is composed of panels already prepared to take on a certain shape, thanks to the millings that make them able to bend along the "digital hinges", just like an origami.


The Commission awarded the third prize to PCUP, which transforms the glass into an IoT device: thanks to a chip on the bottom, the glass becomes readable by smartphone, creating an immediate digital bridge between spectators and structures. Glasses are flexible and very durable, designed to replace disposable glasses in contexts such as concerts, games and other events.


Finally, a special mention went to MOI COMPOSITES, which patented a new production process that combines the performance of continuous fiber composite materials with the potential offered by additive manufacturing processes for applications in the aerospace, automotive, marine, oil & gas and buildings.


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