Date: July 10, 2018 - July 10, 2018
Place: Milan




The Commission on Digital



The Commission on Digital will meet on July 10, 2018, to select the winning proposal from among ten finalists.


The startups selected to participate in UniCredit Start Lab 2018 will receive:


  • customized banking advice from a UniCredit manager

  • guidance from professional mentors, consultants and entrepreneurs, who will help them develop their businesses by offering skills and providing access to networks

  • management training for both domestic and international operations through UniCredit's Startup Academy

  • introductions to potential investors


The winner will also receive a cash prize of €10,000.



The ten finalists are as follows:



CHECKOUT TECHNOLOGIES - a company that realizes a solution that aims to eliminate the mechanism of passage through the boxes, combining artificial intelligence, facial recognition, behavior recognition and deep learning to allow customers to simply take from the shelves as much as they want and leave the store without waiting


CUBBIT - is the distributed data-center that transforms your unused internet resources into encrypted cloud services, so that you can get the first free cloud storage service while companies can use a superior cloud for less


EMOJ - a company that proposes non-invasive HW/SW solutions that give clients the ability to establish empathetic connections with their customers thereby optimizing conversation rates and increasing sales. The EMOJ system of Emotional Analytics and Intelligence captures the emotions and behaviors of customers to produces automatic, real-time offers that are made online or in-store


PRAGMA ETIMOS - the startup is a data learning house, which, through proprietary algorithms and with the application of ad-hoc heuristic rules (data interpretation starting from data semantics) on each type of data identified, catalogs, enhances and enriches the information for their correct use. The products and services developed can be traced back to the areas of data mining and biometric recognition


RADIOSA - a platform with services and products for radios wishing to publish their contents on the digital channel (audio and video) in an innovative way (social, on demand  and profiled) that can be used by users who use radio content on mobile devices. Radio 4.0 is a platform for managing, automatically creatina and publishing radio content on digital channels over IP


SMART TRACK - is an innovative European start up developing an IoT platform, with dedicated wearable tags and sensors, smart algos and apps to avoid human injuries and men-machine collisions on the work floor. In case of an industrial accident, Smart Track alerts safety managers & guides emergency teams intervention, escape and evacuation plans. If increasing Human Safety is your Industry 4.0 top priority, Smart Track is the answer!


STAMP ITALY -  the startup proposes STAMP, a fintech solution that redefines tax free shopping. The developed software allows, for the first time, a completely digitalized experience that eliminates the intermediation of traditional tax refund operators. Thanks to technology, the startup can guarantee the possibility of purchasing goods with zero VAT, thus increasing store sales


STAMPLAY - an intelligent automation platform that helps organizations to automate their processes and integrate data across all their applications. Instead of traditional integrations that rely on months of custom development and big budgets, Stamplay lets you create custom automations and integrations in a matter of days thanks to a low code platform that let you connect your process and business apps with best of breed AI.


USERBOT - the company offers a hybrid solution that manufactures artificial and human intelligence for the automation of Customer Service. The proposed service supports operators and automates conversations between brands and consumers, thanks to the use of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. Through a chatbot, the service can be integrated on websites, on native iOS and Android apps


YAPE - YAPE, an acronym of Your Autonomous Pony Express, is a compact self-driving robot which moves on two wheels powered by electric motors which have a range of around 80km. Thanks to sensors and video cameras, it can travel along pavements and cycle lanes to deliver packages of up to 70 kilograms in weight




Stay tuned to find out who wins!



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