Date: July 15, 2019 - July 15, 2019
Place: Milan




The Commission on Digital



The Commission on Digital will meet on July 16, 2019, to select the winning proposal from among twelve finalists.


The startups selected to participate in UniCredit Start Lab 2019 will receive:


  • customized banking advice from a UniCredit manager

  • guidance from professional mentors, consultants and entrepreneurs, who will help them develop their businesses by offering skills and providing access to networks

  • management training for both domestic and international operations through UniCredit's Startup Academy

  • introductions to potential investors


The winner will receive a grant of €10,000.



The twelve finalists are as follows:



221e - 221e is active in the design, development and marketing of wearable electronic devices and, more generally, of integrated systems for applied sensors and IoT applications. It has developed MuSe, a miniaturized multi-sensor technological platform, to create wearable electronic devices applicable to different sectors, including medicine, sport, automotive, media and construction


AKAMAS - Akamas is a software based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, developed in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan, for the automatic optimization of performance and costs of computer systems


APPQUALITY - AppQuality offers crowdtesting services aimed at optimizing the digital experience to reduce the development and management costs of apps, websites and any digital products, while increasing the quality in terms of user experience


DAICAR RENT - Carplanner is a digital platform that aggregates long-term car rental offers and allows users to find the car that best suits their needs. The platform is supported by a proprietary technology based on ChatBots, which are active during the entire user's journey


CLEANBNB - CleanBNB has developed a platform for managing short-term rentals and holiday houses. The services offered are: revenue management, bookings and receipts management, reception and guest assistance, cleaning and linen, check-out and inspection, management of paperwork and insurance


ERMES CYBER SECURITY - Ermes Cyber Security has designed and launched on the market Ermes Internet Shield, a platform created to provide complete protection of web browsing of each business device automatically and through the use of machine learning and big data


HOMES TO PEOPLE - Homes To People is an online real estate auction platform for residential and commercial properties based on big data, analytics and artificial intelligence.


HUNA - Huna operates in the smart city and public lighting sector and offers software and IoT devices to the Energy Service Companies in an integrated solution for the management, design and monitoring of public lighting systems and all additional services


NATLIVE - Natlive has designed and developed a modular and customizable Cloud SaaS technology for the creation and multiscreen distribution of editorial content in short video format and for event live streaming that can be used completely autonomously by the customer


ROOMMATE - RoomMate offers a mobile app for the tenant and a software for the owner with the aim of improving the relationship between the two.


XSTREAM - Xstream ha sviluppato una piattaforma di IT Governance in grado di semplificare ed efficientare la governance degli ambienti tecnologici in data center di tipo mainframe, modernizzare la loro organizzazione e ridurre la struttura dei costi


YOU ARE MY GUIDE - You Are My Guide, a company incubated by I3P Polytechnic of Turin, has developed GhostWriterAI, a platform to profile buyers, predict advertising campaign results and create content for digital advertising




Stay tuned to find out who wins!



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