June 23, 2021


The Commission on Digital


The Commission on Digital will meet on June 24, 2021, to select the winning proposal from among eleven finalists.


The startups selected to participate in UniCredit Start Lab 2021 will be offered several opportunities, including: 

  • participation in meetings with UniCredit Corporate clients in order to evaluate potential commercial/industrial/technological partnerships, both in ad hoc sectoral initiatives and in one-to-one meetings;
  • opportunity to get in touch with possible investors, including international ones, in dedicated initiatives;
  • access to the Startup Academy and other initiatives as part of the coaching and managerial training program organized by the UniCredit Start Lab team;
  • guidance from professional Mentors, consultants and entrepreneurs, who will help them develop their businesses by offering skills and providing access to networks;
  • the assignment of a dedicated UniCredit manager.


The winner will also receive a cash prize of €10,000.


The eleven finalists are as follows:



3D4MEC designs, produces and distributes specialized metal 3D printing systems for the production of mechanical components. 3D4MEC printers integrate smart and lean manufacturing technologies, allowing to cut down costs and time for production and for prototyping. 3D4MEC offers 2 different metal additive manufacturing machine models, which are completetly customized based on customer's needs: 3D4STEEL, specialised in the process of steel alloys, and 3D4BRASS, the first 3D printer for the direct production of  mechanical components in brass.



Alba Robot is an Augmented Mobility platform that transforms electric personal vehicles (i.e. wheelchairs and mobility scooters) into autonomous and smart ones by using the best technologies from Voice Assistants, Automotive, Robotics and IoT. ALBA Robot supports passengers with reduced mobility to become more independent and provides facilities - like hospitals, airports and museums - solutions for autonomous/assisted mobility services.



Coloombus uses AI to optimise national and international cargo deliveries for manufacturing enterprises. The enterprise provides environmentally friendly shipping of containers and full truck loads and carries out all the post-sale administrative formalities, including the digital document storage. All services are accessible online 24/7/365.



CShark intends to create a constellation of 13 nano satellites (CubeSat) to realize a global IoT network, based on an existing communication protocol (LoRaWAN), which is a low consumption and long range technology. The satellites will orbit at a distance between 550-575 km from the earth's ground and will perform as gateway, improving the quality of the interaction between devices and expanding the reach of communication globally with benefits in terms of economy, sustainability and customization.


EUKLIS (FaRe Hybrid)          

Euklis is an Italian start-up company specialized in face recognition, artificial intelligence and video surveillance for the protection of critical infrastructures. The most innovative solution is FaRe Hybrid - security intelligence platform that certifies the identity of people, vehicles and objects by simultaneously combining pattern matching and machine learning algorithms.


INSOORE (by Whoosnap)    

Insoore is an insurtech company that completely redesigns the claims management process to make it more efficient, easier and faster for insurance companies and their clients. Thanks to a technological infrastructure and a community of experts, it offers modular services, such as video-photographic inspections and damages estimations, which fit seamlessly into all the different steps of the companies' workflow processes.


IPERVOX (by Voicelab)        

Ipervox, developed by Voicelab, is a solution that helps companies grow through Voice Technology by improving the customer experience with the help of conversational AI and voice commands. Using Ipervox's low-code/no-code platform, companies, even without developers, can create applications for Voice Assistant platforms and make their products and services accessible on major voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.



KPI6 is the digital market research suite for brands, media agencies, and big consultancy firms who need real-time information on trends, competitive analysis, consumer opinions about products or brands in each industry. Thanks to artificial intelligence, KPI6 turns unsolicited user-generated content into strategic insights for the business.



Newired is a global player in the Digital Adoption marketplace. Newired products augment web applications with dynamic guides that drive the user step by step making tutorials, manuals, on line help and call center redundant. The guiding content is a combination of tips, modal windows and balloons connected to page elements; the value of the solution comes from the fact that the creation of this content requires no coding skill. Founded in 2017, Newired has customers all around the world.



ToothPic is a cybersecurity startup, spinoff at Politecnico of Torino, that has developed and patented a unique multi-factor authentication solution that turns every smartphone into a secure online authentication key using the invisible and unclonable manufacturing imperfections of the photographic sensor. ToothPic guarantees a higher level of security and frictionless user experience.



WEL has developed Brainy a native Blockchain IoT Hub able to activate device management and data collection to satisfy the needs of the modern market for data remoting, digitalization, and process certification. Through Brainy and IoT, Wearable, and Blockchain technologies, WEL provides 4.0 solutions for industry, hospitality, and retail. The solutions are: Brainy Connection is an RTU board provided with sensors that, applied to a given product, allows the monitoring of working parameters and two-way communication; Brainy Localization is a tool that supports various localization systems to track items or people within indoor/outdoor ambients.


Stay tuned to find out who wins!