Date: July 03, 2019 - July 03, 2019
Place: Milan

The Commission on Innovative Made in Italy



The Commission on Innovative Made in Italy will meet on July 3, 2019, to select the winning proposal from among ten finalists.


The startups selected to participate in UniCredit Start Lab 2019 will receive:


  • customized banking advice from a UniCredit manager

  • guidance from professional mentors, consultants and entrepreneurs, who will help them develop their businesses by offering skills and providing access to networks

  • management training for both domestic and international operations through UniCredit's Startup Academy

  • introductions to potential investors


The winner will also receive a cash prize of €10,000.



The ten finalists are as follows:


COMBO COMPOSITI - Combo Compositi has developed Carbit, a unique patented industrial process that makes composite fibers compatible with food contact, allowing the development of suitable and certifiable products for the food sector, industrial automation, shipbuilding, luxury and aeronautics


DANTE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS - MIND THE GUM is a nutritional supplement, in the form of chewing gum, which optimizes mental performance, reduces tiredness and increases concentration, with a balanced formula that combines natural active components and essential vitamins for the brain


HIRO ROBOTICS - Innovative startup designing and developing an advanced robot vision guidance system by combining adaptive control techniques with artificial intelligence algorithms


HOORO - IoT solution for the digitization of the store, a thin mat to be placed on the shelf called Smart Shopping Mat that allows analytical product monitoring, warehouse reordering, optimization of reloading operational activities and other metrics aimed at increasing the profitability of the store


LORICA - Development of a technological platform to innovate the production and sales process of "tailored" clothing products through 3D body scanning and interactive 3D rendering solutions


MOI COMPOSITES - The startup has patented a new production process that combines the performance of continuous fiber composite materials and thermosetting matrix with the potential offered by additive manufacturing processes with applications in the aerospace, automotive, marine, oil & gas and construction sectors


PCUP  - Platform for electronic payments and digital services in real time for large events, which uses the glass as an IoT device: thanks to a chip at the bottom, the PCUP glasses can be read on a smartphone, creating an immediate digital bridge between spectators and structures. They are a means of payment on which to create a variety of exchanges. They are flexible and very resistant, designed to replace disposable glasses in contexts where rigid glasses are forbidden


SPHERA ENCAPSULATION - Design and development of encapsulated active principles to increase their stability and bioavailability, to mask taste and odor, and to favor their controlled release, to be used for the creation of innovative products in different fields like food, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and animal nutrition


TECHMASS - Control and management platform for operations based on innovative technologies and tools for the analysis and improvement of productivity of manufacturing companies


WOOD-SKIN -  Production and marketing of wall and ceiling 3D covering products that are easy to install. The product is composed of panels already prepared to produce specific shapes, thanks to the milling that make them able to bend along the "digital hinges", exactly like an origami. From the flat shape the materials evolve into the three-dimensional one and, once implemented, the process is always reversible



Stay tuned to find out who wins!







Immagine Commissioni 2019