July 12, 2021


The Commission on Innovative Made in Italy


The Commission on Innovative Made in Italy will meet on July 13, 2021, to select the winning proposal from among sixteen finalists.


The startups selected to participate in UniCredit Start Lab 2021 will be offered several opportunities, including: 

  • participation in meetings with UniCredit Corporate clients in order to evaluate potential commercial/industrial/technological partnerships, both in ad hoc sectoral initiatives and in one-to-one meetings;
  • opportunity to get in touch with possible investors, including international ones, in dedicated initiatives;
  • access to the Startup Academy and other initiatives as part of the coaching and managerial training program organized by the UniCredit Start Lab team;
  • guidance from professional Mentors, consultants and entrepreneurs, who will help them develop their businesses by offering skills and providing access to networks;
  • the assignment of a dedicated UniCredit manager.


The winner will also receive a cash prize of €10,000.


The sixteen finalists are as follows:






2Watch is a media and tech company operating in Gaming and Esports (professional video game competitions). It offers support to brands that intend to reach GenZ through esportainment. Entertainment, technology and education are the 3 key elements of the company, which owns proprietary TWITCH studios for the production of original content, an in-house application for organizing competitions and collaborates with a board of experts for the training of young talents to create tomorrow's jobs.



Beaths is a streetwear clothing brand with a commitment to sustainability and born from the esports and gaming industry. It creates technical apparel to support the performance of professional players and creates educational and informative contents giving an inclusive and recognizable identity to the gaming and digital entertainment industry.



Mentre is a Publisher-First podcast company creating mainstream contents distributed via global audio platforms. They want to create the best original audio experience to entertain the audience with their intellectual properties through a serial approach using specific languages by target-audience to boost community creation around ips and the best brand audio experience, providing strategic consultancy on production and distribution on top of content creation.


My Social Collection (by 3TG)   

My Social Collection is a social network and marketplace dedicated to the world of collectors of entertainment items such as video games, records, books, comics, action figures and NFT. A new vertical social media focused on this world. Collectors and retailers can meet on a unique platform  where the passion for these products is central.


Storie degli Altri (by Cab)           

Boasting a community of 700 thousand people across a range of social media channels "Storie degli Altri" is a new digital publishing platform which develops original formats for businesses' brand content, communicates ESG investments in innovative ways, provides a publishing and ghostwriting service for aspirant authors, and offers exclusive stories, podcasts and videos to subscribers.







Chitè is a lingerie brand that has developed an online customization platform for made-to-order underwear. The web platform integrated with 3D technology and augmented reality allows customers to design (by combining sizes, fabrics and colors and observing the piece made in real time) and purchase tailor-made underwear, at lower prices compared to other similar products. Luxury underwear is handcrafted in Italy by independent artisans enhancing a responsible and sustainable supply chain.


Italian Artisan (by Artisan DNA)

Italian Artisan is a B2B marketplace that connects international fashion brands with Italian manufacturers providing them with support services throughout the entire production cycle. The online platform is the one stop market place where international brands can find the italian artisans specialized in premium fashion made in Italy garments. Italian Artisan makes the Italian manufacturing tradition accessible all over the world reducing lead time and costs compared to traditional channels.



Italianway operates in the hospitality sector with over 2200 leased properties in 270 destinations throughout Italy. Founded in Milan, it is a leading short-term operator in Italy with over 130 partners, a structured operating model and integrated software, developed internally, capable of managing and automating the entire vacation rental process. It offers owners a complete management service from tax management to reporting while guests can book the accommodation that best suits their needs on the website.



Ohoskin creates a 100% vegan and sustainable alternative to luxury leather, with a better durability than PU-based synthetic leather. To do that, it patented and developed an industrial process based on the principles of circular economy that uses the byproducts of Sicilian oranges and cacti. The bio-based material is made in Italy and it looks, feels and performs just like real leather, but without the environmental and social costs of the tanning industry. The material is ideal for luxury brands in the fashion, furniture, and automotive industries.



Renoon is the first app globally that empowers consumers to realize their sustainable lifestyle and values when shopping fashion by combining the offering from multiple websites at once and assessing sustainability at both product and brand level.






Dishcovery is a startup specializing in digital tools for the HORECA industry, which offers an all-in-one solution capable of managing the digital menu for the dining room (accessible by in-store customers with QR Code) and the online menu for the management of the delivery and take-away service. Dishcovery is also provided with an integrated marketing platform capable of collecting user data and launching marketing campaigns to build customer loyalty.



Farm4Trade applies new technologies and Artificial Intelligence in precision livestock farming to improve animal health and welfare, productivity, food quality and traceability. The main goal is to capture data from the full livestock production chain (farm to abattoir) and to become the data reference company for international organizations through an innovative Crowdsourcing data collection system.


L'Orto di Jack        

L'Orto di Jack is a digitally enabled omnichannel player in the fruit and vegetable market, focused on 3 channels. B2B fruit and vegetable distribution to the HoReCa segment (core business), where the company has started a digital transformation process. B2C e-commerce, an ancillary channel that will be scaled in a balanced and profitable way. Retail, where the roll-up of the first Italian modern chain in the sector has been launched.


Ono Exponential Farming          

Ono Exponential Farming is an agritech startup that has developed a VF Seed-to-Pack platform, for hydroponic growing. It is a 100% automated system for indoor vertical cultivation of vegetables, microalgaes and insects. The patented platform is assisted by artificial intelligence algorithms and the resulting ecosystem, in adherence to the principles of circular economy, eliminates waste and pollution, makes better use of water and uses alternative energy sources for its operation.



Tomato+ is a plug and play greenhouse for the hydroponic cultivation with biodegradabile pods of herbs, vegetables and sprouts. The Tomato+ hydroponic greenhouses are for both domestic and professional use, for the Ho.Re.Ca. and for the large-scale distribution. They do not require the intervention of specialized technicians and work in an automated way. Tomato + wants to reduce the transport costs of vegetables, reduce water waste by up to 95% and CO2 emissions, as well as favor the production of healthy and nutrient-rich products.



Tulips is a pure online grocery. It has developed a network of supermarkets dedicated only to online sales. It is supported by an online platform and by an innovative operating model based on the use of dark stores. The customers buy from the online platform and then the dark store pickers prepare the order. It could be delivered directly by the startup or by a logistic provider within 3 hours of placing the order. Currently the delivery is free of charge.



Stay tuned to find out who wins!