June 27, 2016 - July 10, 2016



The Commission on Life Science



After the more than 898 UniCredit Start Lab project applications are evaluated, the Commission on Life Science will meet on June 28, 2016 to select the winning startup proposal.


Members of the commission include a number of experienced business leaders:


  • Eugenio Aringhieri, CEO, Dompè

  • Rosario Bifulco, CEO, Mittel

  • Maurizio Colombo, Vice Presidente, Sapio

  • Danilo Mazzara, Senior Manager, Accenture Strategy

  • Lucio Rovati, CEO, Rottapharm Biotech                      

  • Elena Zambon, CEO, Zambon


The ten finalists are:



4ELDER - a medical products company that is developing a unique femoral screw, mounted using a titanium plug, that serves to stabilize fractures and help bone tissue regenerate.


ART - a company that uses aptamers, molecules that bind to specific, targeted proteins, to produce materials that are characterized by a high level of biocompatibility.


D-HEART - an innovative electrocardiograph the size of a yo-yo that can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth; it enables users to generate a high-quality electrocardiogram by deploying a patented system for positioning the electrodes with their smartphone camera.


DIANAX - a device that works with a smartphone to analyze a drop of a user's blood, detecting whether he or she has diabetes and determining whether the origin of a disease is viral or bacterial.


MEMIO -  a text and vocal message service that remind the elderly when to take their medication.


MILANO ROBOT -  Valuebiotech creates an innovative robot that doctors can use to perform operations in the abdomen through a single 2.5 centimeter incision.


PROBIOTIC - a symbiotic nutritional formula that relies on genetically modified foodstuffs and plant extracts, approved by the European Food Safety Authority; it uses probiotics to assist in the prevention and treatment of diseases and can be deployed in dietary supplements and consumer foods, e.g. fruit juices, pastries, yogurt, ice cream.


RX FREE MAMMOGRAPH - performs mammograms without X-rays by using microwaves to detect tumors; return signals are processed to construct an image of the breast showing the presence of any tissue abnormalities; the examination is not affected by any ordinary physical condition, such  as menstruation or pregnancy, and does not require breast compression.


STETHOTELEPHONE - an auscultation device that digitizes the sounds heard by a traditional medical stethoscope, converting them into data streams that can be amplified or filtered and then transferred to smartphones, headsets, PCs, or telemedicine providers.


UBEAT - the first-ever tool to measure in vitro cardiotoxicity, this control unit can model the functioning of the human heart in a microchip to assess its response to drugs and reduce the need for animal testing.



The startups selected for UniCredit Start Lab 2016 will receive:


  • customized advice from a UniCredit manager on their specific banking needs;

  • guidance from professional mentors, consultants and entrepreneurs, who will help develop their businesses by offering their skills and providing access to their networks;

  • management training for domestic as well as international operations through UniCredit's Startup Academy; and

  • introductions to potential investors.


The winner will receive a cash grant of €10,000.


Stay tuned to find out who wins!