June 22, 2020

The Commission on Life Science


The Commission on Life Science will meet on June 22, 2020, to select the winning proposal from among ten finalists.


The startups selected to participate in UniCredit Start Lab 2020 will receive:


  • management training for both domestic and international operations through UniCredit's Startup Academy
  • guidance from professional mentors, consultants and entrepreneurs, who will help them develop their businesses by offering skills and providing access to networks
  • introductions to potential corporate partners and investors, in case some requirements are reached
  • customized banking advice from a UniCredit manager


The winner will also receive a cash prize of €10,000.


The ten finalists are as follows:




It moves beyond medical imaging standards transforming patient-specific data into 3D accurate holograms, to provide the next generation platform to optimize surgical support through augmented reality



It's the first biological trap for viruses and bacteria that sanitizes and lasts several days on the surfaces, protecting them continuously from viral and bacterial load



It's a biomedical company that develops 3D instant medical scanning technologies and dedicated software solution for helping physicians and medical centers in the development of novel digital protocols for rapid and non-invasive diagnosis, monitoring and medical screening of different pathologies which modify the body shape and/or skin



It's an Artificial Intelligence solution that supports radiologists in early screening of breast cancer. Deepmammo is an automatic mammography and tomosynthesis analysis system, available in the cloud and in Hospital Clinical Systems



Solution for a non-invasive diagnosis of rejection in transplant patients based on liquid biopsy and an artificial intelligence algorithm developed by MyWay Genetics



It's the first cloud platform that allows healthcare companies to reduce the time and costs of their research and development processes by using very high scientific level computational models and simulations (so-called in silico trials)



It's an innovative startup and spinoff of the Univeristy of Bologna that develops and manages cloud-based solutions to measure muscular functionality and prevent fraility and disability



The startup is producing blood platelets loaded with different kinds of drugs for the treatment of Glioblastoma (a brain cancer) and other types of disease. Compared to other ways of drug delivery, the platelets are able to specifically deliver the drug to the target, avoiding an off-target effect



It's a new production method for custom-made orthopedic insoles that uses a smartphone app, image reconstruction algorithms and 3D printing



It's a company that created a cloud software for veterinarians to formulate home-made diets for dogs and cats and highly innovative vitamin and mineral supplements to balance canine and feline home-made diets



Stay tuned to find out who wins!




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