July 05, 2022


The Commission on Digital will meet on July, 7 to evaluate the best startups in the sector.

The startups selected to participate in UniCredit Start Lab 2022 will be offered several opportunities, including: 

  • participation in meetings with UniCredit Corporate clients in order to evaluate potential commercial/industrial/technological partnerships, both in ad hoc sectoral initiatives and in one-to-one meetings;
  • opportunity to get in touch with possible investors, including international ones, in dedicated initiatives;
  • access to the Startup Academy and other initiatives as part of the coaching and managerial training program organized by the UniCredit Start Lab team;
  • guidance from professional Mentors, consultants and entrepreneurs, who will help them develop their businesses by offering skills and providing access to networks;
  • the assignment of a dedicated UniCredit manager.

The winner will also receive a cash prize of €10,000.

The ten finalists are as follows:


Aindo Synthetic Data Chain is a spin off of the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste. Its data platform clones sensitive real data into synthetic data through the use of AI and machine learning technologies (INTUITE.AI), allowing data to be shared and used for statistical purposes without revealing any sensitive information.


BizAway is a technology platform for corporate travel booking. Companies will be able to have their travels under control, optimizing their resources thanks to an intuitive and simple interface; keep all costs and invoices under control, automate approval processes and incorporate travel policies (with an average saving of 20% on market prices); have daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly automated billing and a 24/7 internal multilingual assistance service.


Erre Quadro developed an innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to unlock information from technical text. The first application is Innovation Reveal, a customizable and modular platform for technology intelligence targeted to knowledge intensive industries.  Innovation Reveal optimizes the R&D and innovation process and supports the competitive positioning of present and future technologies of customer companies.


Futura is the first platform that creates personalized courses based on the data collected from students. The platform helps students overcome obstacles that would otherwise be a deterrent from realizing their full potential and makes private tutoring scalable and usable by anyone thus enabling more democratic access to quality education.


Hmble is a media company which, through Gaming and Esport, helps businesses communicate with Gen Z. Hmble offers B2B solutions made of entertainment for young generations and influencer discovery through a proprietary platform. On a daily basis, Hmble engages the Gen Z through a team of professional gamers who participate in major Esport competitions.


Sibill is a tool for SMBs, realized to help entrepreneurs manage the uncertainty of financial planning and cash flow. Sibill makes simplification and automation key principles of its digital platform that enables fast and secure aggregation of all data related to cash flow, simplifying cash management operative work and providing a way to respond quickly to any critical issues.


TimeFlow helps companies manage technology suppliers or find new ones. They offer a Workforce & Vendor Management Platform (VMS - White label SaaS) that reduces the time and costs of matching the supply and demand of digital skills.


Vikey is a digital solution for flats, b&b's and hotels, enabling you to make the accommodations 100% smart, from check-in to guest access. Portiere24 is the first solution, including an electronic device and app for administrators and condominium owners, which replaces traditional keys and allows gates and condominium doors to be opened remotely.


Voiceme is the Secure Customer Authentication Platform which, by combining voice and 5 other factors, allows users to authenticate, pay, sign documents and access physical locations. The solution is easy, simple and secure and natively implements the concept of Self Sovereign Identity. Voiceme has patented the solution and started trials and PoCs in the Utilities, Travel and Call Center sectors.


Wallife is an Insurtech startup that offers insurance solutions to protect people from new risks from technological innovation and scientific progress. The insurance coverages designed by Wallife focus on 3 areas of risk (Biometrics, Genetics and Biohacking ) and aim to protect individuals' digital identity and their biometric and genetic data, safeguarding them from potential distorted and fraudulent use of sensitive information.


Stay tuned to find out who wins!