UniCredit Start Lab assesses your idea through:



We look at:


1. the team involved

2. the level of project innovation

3. the target market

4. key business and financial forecasts.




Four experts' committees chosen from our network of entrepreneurs, tech specialists, professionals, advisors and investors will assess your business ideas in terms of market potential and feasibility.

If your startup is chosen for our program, you will also have the chance to meet the UniCredit Start Lab assessment team to specifically discuss your business plan, exploring its strengths and areas for improvement.


We will work with you to examine the strengths of your proposition and business model, as well as aspects that need to be fine-tuned.

We will also provide you with a series of follow-up meetings to keep a close eye on how your business idea is progressing and to develop the best way forward for your startup.



For further details, see the UniCredit Start Lab Terms and Conditions.