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Flazio Srl is an innovative startup created to enable SMEs, professionals and anyone who wants to put their ideas or passions online to build and manage their own website for free. Flazio is based on "What you see is what you get" technology. It allows you to build a website without knowing programming languages, by customizing a set of templates and components or simply importing your profile from Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Everything has been designed to be extremely simple and intuitive, yet without disappointing more expert users who can create highly specialized websites using the advanced components offered by Flazio Pro.
The unique feature of the project is its extremely intuitive editor, which allows you to drag, drop and change elements of the site, getting real-time visual feedback on the alterations. The platform's editor also features a "compstore" with hundreds of free and paid elements developed by the Flazio team. A "compstore" is the collection of all the elements that make up the site and add functionalities to it, such as photo galleries, Google Maps, social media plugins, e-commerce, booking forms, property listings, blogs, newsletters, etc. Each element can be customized in size, shape and design, and can be added to the website in "drag and drop" mode. The key features of the Flazio service are its ease-of-use, even for novices, and its all round complete offering; as well as the site builder, users get a domain, five email addresses and unlimited hosting.

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