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Is CLEAN AIR Italia is involved in the research and development, design, planning, manufacturing and sale of APA technology (Air Pollution Abatement). Compared to traditional systems of air purification, which act only on the sources of emissions and mainly by absorption (using activated carbon) and accumulation (using filters), the technology in CLEAN AIR (APA) contains no filters, works at ground level and is a highly efficient and effective way to remove particulate matter, heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pollen, spores and light hydrocarbons, NOx, SOx and CO2.  The technology uses normal water and, if necessary, small amounts of inert chemical and inexpensive "reagents". Its overall running costs are also lower than competitor products (power consumption is about 5-7 times lower than the average) and it requires less frequent maintenance. It can be used effectively both indoors and in open spaces; in industrial plants, in particular, it can be installed to work in tandem with traditional systems, cutting overall costs while improving efficiency. The special characteristics and versatility of innovative APA eco-technology have led to an ingenious initiative ("Clean Air City" and "Smart Urban Lounge") to be used in the planning and redesign of so-called "eco-friendly cities of the future"; APA can be used in various forms (advertising stands and multimedia displays, bus shelters, benches, planters, lighting systems, etc.) and with various services, integrating sensors, ICT systems, and touch screen design, offering solutions to the most disparate needs and demands all over the world.

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