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VEASYT Live! VEASYT Live! is a professional online video-interpreting service, accessible from computers, tablets and smartphones, for spoken languages and Italian Sign Language (LIS).
The service is available in two different modes: appointments with sessions of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes and in "Live!" mode, which is available without reservations with a wait of no more than three minutes, which is charged on a per-minute basis.
The project was chosen by EXPO 2015 to provide Italian Sign Language assistance for deaf visitors at all ticket offices and information points at Expo Milan 2015.  It has also been successfully adopted by a leading company in social health in the province of Treviso and is now being activated in other hospitals.  It is used in the Italian parliament and is a perfect tool for companies and businesses with numerous stakeholders who speak foreign languages.
The main features of the service are its flexibility (interpreters in 15 spoken languages and Italian Sign Language), the highly professional service (only the best interpreters, selected and trained from all over Europe and soon all over the world), its mobility (accessible from computers and mobile devices), and its cost (no subscriptions, licenses or special devices are required).

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