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CARSH is an app that aggregates all carsharing services. It enables the user to see all the carsharing vehicles in Italy on a single map, select preferred operators and reserve the desired car.
Founded in late 2013 by two former IT consultants and a computer science professor, Carsh's primary aim was to bring together all available carsharing solutions in a defined area in one easy app. Users can choose their city and manage and book nearby eco-friendly transport solutions.
The integrated approach means the user has a better choice of the cars around them, with all-inclusive costings (avoiding the need to add up all the different components to calculate total expenditure), and is able to view all operators' promotions (including operators they're not registered with) from the menu. The user can also link their existing accounts to their CARSH account, so that they can book the vehicles from operators they're registered with. The app saves the user's credentials safely and under encryption in third-party servers. The app makes it possible to find and book the nearest car with a simple click, select a city to compare prices and see promotions, and select the information that you want to show on the map. The service currently operates in all Italian cities where there is one or more carsharing services and is available in Italian, English, German, Russian and Chinese; it has been downloaded around 700 times.

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