Reference area

Switzerland - Italy


Innovative Materials




Alessandro Pagliai

Other members

Giovanni Ingala, Filippo Randis

Business Idea

Dulver® is a patent-protected innovative resin-based composite material, which can be injected into a mold to obtain the shape of the finished product. It can be compared to the 'solid surface' family of materials: its intrinsic characteristics and production process make it suitable for any type of design, especially for the world of interior design and the furniture industry in general. Compared with other competing materials, it stands out for innovativeness, being so light that the items made of it can float, limitless color possibilities, the production process and its suitability for mass replication as is typical of the industry. The material copies the finishing of the mold exactly, so it can be glossy, matt, rough or embossed, depending on the customization needs of the client. It is a hard and resistant material but with a certain elasticity, as component parts are permanently fused together. This feature ensures that the material behaves reliably even at extreme thermal shocks.

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