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ProntoPro is a bi-sided marketplace where users can request for quotations and professionals can submit theirs. ProntoPro solves the information gap in one of the market that still has this issue in the "information era": the professional services market.
More than 350,000 users have already used ProntoPro to look for 150,000 registered professionals on the platform.
ProntoPro operates throughout Italy and allows you to search among 500 categories of services in the most different areas: artisans and construction companies, event professionals, teachers, IT experts and beauty operators.
Users can go on the platform and search for the needed services through our search engine or an intuitive categories navigation. By filling a form, the user give us all the information to fulfill his request for quote and within 48 hours, he will receive up to 5 personalized quotes (by mail or phone) among which he can choose independently and without obligation the one that best suits your needs, taking advantage of a service that is always free.

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