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Hyris uses electronic and microfluidic miniaturization technologies to make biomedical products that simplify the implementation of sanitary and production control systems for raw materials derived from animals or vegetables. Its core, patented technology includes innovative sensors that greatly reduce the size and cost of genetic testing tools. With immersive software based on apps and cloud computing, the company's products provide users with the equivalent of a lab experience, reducing the time of analysis by a factor of up to 100 and eliminating the need for highly specialized staff. Hyris has validated protocols for the use of various enzymes (Real Time PCR, LAMP, etc.) so that hundreds of existing diagnostic kits can be integrated into its platforms to test samples wherever they are collected. The startup has also been awarded a contract to create 18 plant breeding kits for pharmaceutical use, some of which are already in production and on the market. These include kits for plant protection, species identification, and infection assessment. Many other industrial and epidemiological applications are currently under development for the veterinary field and for the control of agri-food production chains. In the medium term, the company plans to enter the medical diagnostic applications field.

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