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Energy Data Scientist® is a software training and service platform for analyzing data about energy consumption. Its four offline modules for energy analysis and four online modules for real-time monitoring help users ensure they comply with ISO 50001 management standards. The modules collect data and then populate predictive models with that data. These models help operators better understand the energy consumption of a city, hospital or industrial asset; they provide detailed information on future energy requirements or water needs; and they intercept service problems in advance. A distinctive element of the Energy Data Scientist® algorithm is its capacity to analyze the energy consumption or production of a system by evaluating key factors such as temperature, humidity and production volumes. The startup also provides energy data analysis services and training courses through its proprietary program, called The Energy School. The company, founded at the end of September 2015 and entirely owned by women, already has many clients in various industries (large retail, manufacturing, power generation) and countries (Italy, UK, South Korea and Japan).

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