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Agricolus DSS

Agricolus DSS


Andrea Cruciani

Other members

Antonio Natale, Diego Guidotti

Business Idea

Agricolus enables the simple and effective use of precision farming techniques through cloud computing. The company's agronomic management tool provides a suite of applications that accurately monitor and analyze data from a plot of land to support the timely management of a range of cultivation processes. By accessing geodata from multiple sources (IoT sensors, drones, satellites and soil samples), Agricolus helps farmers:

• Use prescriptive maps to correctly administer fertilizers and pesticides
• Monitor crops and make necessary interventions (e.g., growth, irrigation and fertilization)
• Comply with European PAC/CAP legislation (e.g., demonstrating sustainable pesticide use)
• Stay alert to any risk that threatens their crops
• Obtain detailed real-time information on weather and production forecasts

Agricolus was developed by an experienced multidisciplinary group of agronomists, geographers, software developers and data scientists. This insightful mix of skills makes the company the ideal partner for farmers who want to participate in the modern agricultural revolution.

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