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Alessandro Taini

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Giorgio De Vitalis, Andrea Pavoni

Business Idea

Test 1 has realized and holds an international patent for a newly designed absorbent product, aimed at the prevention and reclamation of environmental damage deriving from spills of hydrocarbons (Oil spill). Test 1's mission is to reduce the impact of Oil & Gas companies on the environment, while reducing the impact of the environment on them in terms of costs. The Test 1 product, named FoamFleX200, consists of an innovative chemical formulation, hydrophobic and oleophilic, capable of absorbing any type of hydrocarbon (from gasoline to crude oil to heavy fuel) for about 30 times its weight. Once saturated, the product can be squeezed allowing the recovery of intact hydrocarbons (and their economic value) and allowing the reuse of the product for about 200 times.

FoamFleX200 combines high efficiency at low costs: 1 kg of product can absorb up to 6 tons of reusable intact hydrocarbons. There are countless fields of parallel application of the patent: a material able to efficiently filter and / or separate at low costs oil and water finds a series of high-potential applications in the industrial sector.The FoamFleX200 is a technology push innovation, as it exploits a chemical research for an innovative material and design-driven as it completely redefines the concept of oil spill prevention and reclamation. All the existing methods can be applied only in relation to specific intervention scenarios for which they are considered usable, the Test 1 material is applicable in any geographical area, with any quantity and type of spilled oil and in any climatic condition. This, linked to a high efficiency and low costs, make the FoamFleX200 the only product in the world for an effective and complete environmental remediation.

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