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Hexagro Urban Farming

Hexagro Urban Farming


Felipe Hernandez

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Alessandro Grampa

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Hexagro Urban Farming develops easy-to-use and customizable designed indoor gardens to empower everyone to produce their own food at either home, office or in any indoor environment. Its first product is the Living Farming Tree, a modular, scalable and automated vertical garden producing pesticide-free greens to offices and hotels while incrementing air quality and employees/customers wellbeing. Its first product is the Living Farming Tree, a soilless, fully-modular and customizable biophilic indoor garden to empower companies and individuals to produce hyperlocal food to preserve the full nutritional value of fresh produce and reconnect people to Nature in urban areas through Urban Farming interactions. It uses the Aeroponic technology to produce healthy and delicious produce 3x faster, saving up to 40% water than traditional Hydroponics. Moreover, it increases air quality and saves up to 55% in costs of maintenance than traditional greeneries.

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