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Checkout Technologies


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Checkout Technologies wants to eliminate the check-out lines, combining artificial intelligence, facial recognition, behavioral recognition and deep learning to allow customers to simply take as much as they want and leave the store without waiting in lines. The proposed solutions will be two: Completely automated store and Fast-checkout. 1) Completely Automated Store: includes the creation of fully automated stores for the entire checkout phase. The computer vision technology will allow the identification of users first and then of the products taken. The camera system, installed in stores, will allow monitoring of all user activities within the point of sale. Once the purchases are finished, through the quick and easy reading of the products in the devices, users can exit the store without the need to get in line to make the payment. The transaction charge will be automatic and carried out through the application. Furthermore, it will be possible to monitor users' purchasing behavior and acquire relevant information. 2) Fast-checkout: provides the supply of a scanner that, using computer vision technologies, allows easy and intuitive scanning of products without reading barcodes. The product will be marketed through an integrated product of automated Fast-checkout boxes or through the sale of the only visual reading tunnel (which can be integrated into all the boxes currently on the market). The system, created and patented by the company, makes it possible to resolve the most critical issues with today's technologies. The computer vision technology recognizes products without the need to read the barcode. The solutions developed are covered by 7 patents already filed and another 3 being filed. Marketing is already underway: at the moment the startup already has customers in Italy, France and Germany

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