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Giorgio Rinolfi

Other members

Lorenzo Marcenaro, Luigi Rinolfi, Guglielmo Cassinelli

Business Idea

Luminousbees produces swarms of microdrones equipped with LED lights, for the production of indoor and outdoor performances. It aims to be the first company in Italy to develop the drone market for shows and events. They develop and produce both the management software for the swarm (which controls the position and management of the lights), as well as the actual drones. Each drone weighs 250 grams( the international standard to be considered "harmless"), has a flight range of 20-minutes and a LED system with 60 programmable high-brightness lights, which allow the regulation of visual effect, parameters and options such as color and pulsation. The drones fly simultaneously and autonomously, becoming a luminous, orchestrated swarm, ideal fot the creation of images, shapes, and dynamic scenes in the sky. They are highly suitable for the innovative promotion of ceremonies, festivals, inaugurations, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, parties, television programs, marketing events etc. The design of each show and performance is uniquely customizable according to the needs and wishes of the customer. Currently the company is testing the operativeness of its first 25 drone-fleet with the intention to enter both the indoor and outdoor market by December 2018.

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