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Filippo Galanti

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Simone Fiorentini, Enrico Silani, Matteo Mazzucchelli, Tommaso Maioli, Giulio dell'Oro, Gabriele Maddalena, Gabriele Faoro, Davide Falco, Francesco Ricciuti, Giulia Todesco, Giuseppe Consiglio

Business Idea

YAPE, an acronym of Your Autonomous Pony Express, is a compact self-driving robot which moves on two wheels powered by electric motors which have a range of around 80km. Thanks to sensors and video cameras, it can travel along pavements and cycle lanes to deliver packages of up to 70 kilograms in weight. YAPE is easy to use, thanks to an app connected to a control platform. To send a delivery you just input the delivery address in the app, or simply write the name of the recipient, leaving the job of finding the address to YAPE's GPS system. After reaching its destination, the recipient will only be able to open the hold and access their package through a facial-recognition system.

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