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Giuliano Iacobelli

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Mirko Di Serafino, Cristian Roselli, Claudio Petrini, Nicola Mattina

Business Idea

Stamplay is an intelligent automation platform customers and partners include IBM, Box, Cisco, Lennar, Teleperformance and Public Administrations. Stamplay empowers the line of business and IT departments to quickly automate, orchestrate and optimize hundreds of manual processes to progress on the journey to digital transformation.Today the average large company uses close to 1300 applications and data is fragmented across hundreds of apps across your IT and business groups. In this context there is no way that IT can keep up with pace of adoption and related demand of integrations with traditional systems.Instead of traditional integrations that rely on months of custom development and big budgets, Stamplay allows organizations to automate their processes and integrate data across all their applications in a matter of days thanks to its easy to use visual platform. No code, just clicks.

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