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DUEDILATTE - Tessuto fatto di Latte

DUEDILATTE - Tessuto fatto di Latte


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DueDilatte turns the milk coming from the industrial waste into a high quality fabric. Its uniqueness and strong identity come from the extraordinary and innovative fabric obtained from milk Casein. The incredible idea toturn milk into fabric is made possible thanks to the most advanced bioengineering techniques. The milk fiber is obtained through a sustainable and eco-friendly recycling process that starts from industrial milk waste. Casein is extracted and separated from the whey, isolated, denatured and transformed into fiber. The process involves a very low level of chemical compounds and guarantees a significant water and energy saving (less than two liters of water to make one kilogram of milk fiber) and very low CO2 emissions. The fiber is spun and the thread obtained is transformed into fabric by industrial textile machine. The fabric is purged from raw processing with a washing without detergents and finished (dried) ready for dye, to have its most classic appearance: milk white color. It's possible to personalize fabrics using dyes and prints that are made with pigments that are also of natural origin which create a unique and special color palette. The milk fabric is completely natural, respects the environment and has extraordinary qualities. Light and soft, it is hypoallergenic and breathable, has a shine appearance and is silky to touch. Thanks to the aminoacids from the milk that remain into the fabric, the milk textile can moisturize the skin. Duedilatte makes different types of fabrics which are ideals for casual-chic men's women's  and children's clothing collections. The extremely soft fabric adapts perfectly to the shape of the body like a tender hug. DueDilatte collaborates with leading Italian companies of the textile industry, following each step of the process and taking care of every detail, made by the best suppliers and laboratories of Tuscany, to ensure high quality standards and the philosophy of true Made in Italy.

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