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HiRide Suspension

HiRide Suspension


Domenico Borgese

Other members

Fabio Noce, Daniele Graziani

Business Idea

HiRide Suspension is a company founded in 2017 that designs and manufactures smart active suspension for different bike categories, from mountain bikes to the gravel and endurance branches. HiRide brought the most advanced suspension control techniques from the automotive industry, where HiRide's core team was previously working, to the bike industry. With HiRide, the suspension becomes smart, and capable of understanding maneuvers, riding styles and road condition, and activate automatically to adapt the suspensions' behavior in order to maximize performance, comfort and stability in every condition. In 2017 HiRide launched ESAS, world's first electronic suspension system for all-road bikes, which has been adopted by Pinarello, current customer and worldwide recognised premium bike manufacturer. The strong value of HiRide's technology is confirmed by one of the most winning pro team, the Team Sky, currently using ESAS in the UCI world tour. By the end of 2021, the company will also launch the M3S, product for mountain bike.

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