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Smart Track

Smart Track


Saverio Pagano

Other members

Simone Pagano, Fabrizio Cardinali

Business Idea

Today every 15 seconds, 151 workers experience some sort of serious injury, accounting for more than 315 million accidents every year, of which 321.000 fatal (source International Labor Organization).

Smart Track sells a modular IoT platform made of wearable Connected Workers with proprietary firmware, sensors and algos monitoring users' personal safety (e.g. use of hard hat,boots,gloves,etc) and status (e.g. man down, man high etc), tracking anchors, detecting users position & machine collision risk, and Safety Apps, facilitating factory scene geo fencing, escape and evacuation routes planning, with optional video surveillance & access control integration. In case of an industrial accident, Smart Track alerts safety managers & guides emergency teams intervention, escape and evacuation plans.

Smart Track won many startup contest in particular the DIGITAL X FACTORY 2017, call for a Industry 4 LightHouse Plant set up by the Italian Ministery of Economical Development, MISE at Ansaldo Energia.If increasing Human Safety is your Industry 4.0 top priority, Smart Track is the answer!

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