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Business Idea

The company offers an home delivery service of medicines (even with prescription) and any other product that can be purchased at the pharmacy. The service is particularly suited for caregivers and for people who have lack of time or suffer from mobility issuess.
The customers can order the desired products online or by phone, also addressing directly to their trusted pharmacy. The user chooses the pharmacy, the delivery time slot and the method of payment on delivery. Pharmacies have an online software for the complete management of the orders. The delivery of medicines is carried out by selected couriers with a regular contract.
New types of services are in development, such as the delivery of veterinary products and health devices or the supply of software dedicated to pharmacies.
Since June 2018, approximately 10,000 deliveries have been made, over 100 pharmacies are direct partners and they are distributed in 12 different active cities. Today the company has a team of 20 people and is supported by important investors and large companies in the insurance and pharmaceutical sectors. The team expects to expand operations in major Italian cities with the aim of covering 50 cities by the end of 2020 and then exporting the service to other European countries in 2021.

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