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CarPlanner (Daicar Rent Srl) is a digital car-as-a-service marketplace for all-inclusive, hassle-free car subscriptions, aggregating best offers for long term car rental and private leasing.
Thanks to our easy-to-use search tools, our users choose the best car for their needs and pay monthly for a car that includes services such as insurance, maintenance and other car related fees and taxes. We offer our users the most comprehensive offering of car subscriptions on the market, at the most competitive prices. We not only sell the car subscription contract but remain engaged during the subscription lifecycle with relevant products and services and a renewal offer when the contract is due to expire. We are powered by technology, use ChatBots throughout the user journey and are designing an entirely digital car subscription process.
CarPlanner sells both online and through a dedicated network of agents for which it has developed digital tools. Among its main partners in Italy are: ALD, Arval, LeasePlan and Leasys. The platform is available both via web and mobile.

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