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Luca Manara

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Edoardo Vannutelli, Lorenzo Fanetti, Alessandro Castrucci, Luca Cannarozzo

Business Idea

AppQuality is the leader of crowdtesting in Italy. It is built on 4 main assets: the community of testers, a team of Quality Leaders, a network of Experience Designers and the cloud platform. AppQuality, together with its 200,000+ registered testers worldwide, offers a diversified suite of services to help companies build defect-free digital products. Its solutions vary from functional testing to experience testing and deliver quick, reliable and uninfluenced results. How? Thanks to advanced management algorithms, the testers' fresh eyes and their commission- driven approach. The main benefit is the improvement of the perceived user experience, which leads to an overall improvement of the digital product's performance and the users' satisfaction. On top of that, testers work when developers don't: during weekends, holidays, summer, at night, etc. and it takes less time: in a couple of days crowdtesting can produce a report on the status of the product and indications on how to improve the service/ product. AppQuality works with B2B and B2C companies from many different industries (such as e-commerce, retail, banking, insurance, etc) and has already managed more than 2500 projects and identified more than 15.000 bugs in its own cloud platform.

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