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Internet of Things




Lorenzo Pisoni

Other members

Stefano Fraioli, Jukka Lora, Thomas Avolio, Kliton Marku

Business Idea

PCUP designs and produces cups with the goal of replacing disposable plastic cups in large events. The project has two fundamental characteristics: 1) the cups are flexible, so they are allowed into crowded events saving the usage of tons of plastic, and resistant up to 10,000 washes; 2) the cups generate a new value: the NFC chip implanted in the lower part can be read by the PCUP app and by the reader on the barman console. Users can download the app, create a profile and connect the cup they receive at the entrance: this will provide useful information updated in real time; will allow him to choose a drink from the list and pay it by simply placing the cup on the barman's console, skipping the queues; will show the friends eventually present at the event and allow to send drinks via the app; will disclose premium content only for the public attending the event. The cup can be returned at any time and the profile will be disconnected from the cup by simple pressing the in app "stop" button. PCUP transforms the entire public into an e-commerce directly reachable with offers that can be immediately converted into services and products, paid with the same contactless device. Thanks to this project, consumers will receive and enhanced user experience characterized by contacless payments, zero queues, real-time communication, exclusives contents, socializing options. The organizers have a direct economic advantage: elimination of the costs of buying, cleaning and disposing of disposable plastic cups, an indestructible supply with a life cycle of tens of years, security and speed of payments, knowledge and profiling of its customers and its tastes, advanced marketing and communication options.

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