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TRACE4AD, "The RAdiologist's Cognitive Eyes for Alzheimer's Disease", is an artificial-intelligence and cognitive-computing tool capable of automatically performing an early diagnosis and predicting the progression of Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of progressively debilitating degenerative dementia.
The radiological images of a subject's brain, possibly integrated with cognitive, behavioral and functional data, are automatically processed by TRACE4AD and -in real time- an objective diagnostic and prognostic report is produced, with an accuracy higher than 85%, at least two years before the clinical diagnosis.
TRACE4AD allows anticipating the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and taking care of the patient at the onset of the disease, in order to maintain his quality of life for as long as possible. TRACE4AD is able to select at an early stage the patients who can benefit from the pharmacological treatments for the disease, allowing to drastically reduce the costs and time of clinical trials. Furthermore, abnormal "traces" identified by TRACE4AD in the brains of early-stage patients can be used as imaging biomarkers for targeting new therapies and monitoring their effects.
The market launch of TRACE4AD is scheduled for January 2020.

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