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The PREINVEL® is an Innovative Startup with a Social Vocation that has patented the first fluidodynamic filtering technology in the world. It represents the latest pollutant emission's reducing technology designed for the biggest industrial implants (steelworks, waste-to-energy plants, refineries, power plants, cement plants, etc.) and for small and medium size filtering application.

The proposed filtering system adopts an innovative and revolutionary solution, that completely refresh the current filtering paradigm based on obsolete technologies (bag filters and / or electrofilters, or combinations of them) characterized by low efficiency and high management and maintenance costs.

The PREINVEL's filtering technology is incredibly ductile and finds effective application also in the Naval sector, currently more than ever alarmed by the pollutions emergency caused by the emissions of the large cruise ships anchored in ports and by the transit of cargo ships along the motorways of the sea .

PREINVEL resolves definitively the problems of pollution with a simple but extraordinarily effective solution, able to reduce the maintenance and management costs of the filtering activities and at the same time guarantee an efficient removal action not only of micro-dust (<1µm ), but also of pollutants and a part of the CO2 contained in the industrial emissions. In this way a further costs saving is guaranteed to the companies for the reduction of the costs related to the purchase of the "black certificates" which only in Italy in 2018, were sold at auction for over € 1.5B.

The heart of innovation in the Preinvel's Filter lies in a mechanism based on a well-known principle of physics (the Bernoulli effect, which correlates pressure and velocity) able to generate very high depressions, simply by modulating the speed of an air flow.

The proprietary fluidodynamic filtering technology is now Internationally patented in: Europe, China, Russia, USA, Canada and Japan.

Finally , we like to mention that PREINVEL combines, as its main mission, not only a support for technological and innovative development for the companies, but in particular&nbsp; the protection of essential social values: the environment and human health.

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