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Renewable Energies

STOREH Energy Storage Technologies Srl

STOREH Energy Storage Technologies Srl


Federico Longhini

Other members

Simone Longhini, Sergio Fornasiero, Mario Santarelli

Business Idea

STOREH Energy Storage Technologies Srl offers an innovative energy storage system and on-demand production of hydrogen. HOD, Hydrogen On Demand, solves the problem of intermittence and non-programmability of renewable sources by making possible the seasonal storage of energy. The system has been designed and built starting from the needs of the industrial and domestic sectors: lower cost than current market solutions, scalability thanks to the complete independence between power and capacity, safety as there are no gases under pressure and sustainability thanks to the use of recyclable materials and with low environmental impact. HOD is also applicable for grid stabilization and for the production of hydrogen for mobility. The technology developed and patented by STOREH is based on the use of zinc, an extremely widespread and low-cost material. The energy input is stored in the form of zinc, a sort of metal pellet, extracted from a water-based solution. Zinc is stored in a stable way even for long periods, months, inside a tank, allowing seasonal storage, making it possible to use in winter energy produced and stored in summer. When energy is required, zinc is used to generate hydrogen on demand. A fuel cell uses the hydrogen produced to provide electricity and heat to the user. The use of HOD in combination with a photovoltaic system allows domestic users to achieve energy independence: electricity, car charging and hot water 100% from renewable sources with zero emissions.  The solution for the industrial and commercial sector allows a drastic cut in energy costs, guaranteeing the supply of mission critical loads even in the event of grid interruptions.

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