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Maria Teresa Francomano

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Dino Accoto, Nicola Redi

Business Idea

Stroke is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Due to the high costs, about 500,000 Italians with upper limb disabilities due to stroke do not performe intensive rehabilitative therapies, although it has been shown that a post-stroke patient is able to recover lost motor functions even years after the event. Recovery can be achieved by performing specific, intensive and repetitive exercises. It has been shown that robotic technologies are effective in such situations, but they are currently confined to hospitals and therefore usable for a limited period of time.
The idea of Heaxel is to reduce the distance between rehabilitation technologies and the patient through the commercialization of products of simple use, compact and low cost. Heaxel's first product is ICone, an all-in-one and plug & play robot for neurorehabilitation, easily transportable and suitable for use in any environment, not just in hospitals. ICone proposes to the patient interactive games that require the coordination of the shoulder and elbow segments for the execution of planar reaching tasks. All information related to the patient's data is available to the doctor who can connect via web or smart device to the robot to monitor the progress of the therapy. In addition, the doctor can intervene on the salient parameters of the machine, to optimize the protocol according to the needs of the specific patient.
The product is market ready with objectives of penetration of the Italian and international market.

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