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InSilicoTrials is a SaaS platform that acts as a marketplace and allows scientific institutes and research centers (partners) to market their Modeling and Simulation solutions, through a quick and easy-to-use web interface. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies can quickly access these models and use them to test the safety and efficacy of their new products before they even enter the prototyping phase, taking advantage of the computational cloud resources of the platform . The platform guarantees users a private and secure environment, protecting the intellectual property of scientific partners, preventing copying, modification or illicit use of the models made available to users.In detail, the platform allows:- safe design and testing of new products in virtual patients;- estimation of right doses according to the profile of the patient being analyzed;- digitization, integration, and analysis of multidisciplinary data (e.g. clinical, image, genetic, etc.);- data sharing, model generation, the performance of simulations and result analysis with the project team.The company has obtained two patents in Italy and is working on international expansion: one linked to the invention of a simulation system for the development of medical devices, the other instead for drugs.InSilicoTrials is currently developing partnerships with companies interested in taking advantage of its potentials, such as Microsoft, 1MED, and Ansys. Significant research partners include: the FDA, the Polytechnic University of Milan and the University of Valencia, whose models have already entered the InSilicoTrials library.

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