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COP - Chi Odia Paga

COP - Chi Odia Paga


Francesco Inguscio

Other members

Francesco Grotta, Cristina Moscatelli

Business Idea

Chi Odia Paga was born in 2018 from the collaboration of two highly innovative companies: Nuvolab, which has been contributing to business development for years through innovation consulting and startup acceleration, and LT42, which applies technological solutions to legal areas, with a strong focus on compliance and human rights. COP is a web platform that offers socially useful services aimed at training, protecting and supporting citizens' rights, reputation and privacy. It is specifically addressed to victims of online hate (stalking, hate speech, defamation, cyberbullying and revenge porn) who can easily access the platform through the company's website and request free digital legal support or purchase a legal support service (at the most competitive price on the market).This legal support covers the entire preliminary path to the defence, from the identification of the crime, to the acquisition of evidence, the removal and deindexing of the web content, as well as the identification of the author of the crime and the related injunction.The company's objective is to break down the barriers that discourage citizens from taking legal action to protect their rights, by breaking down the time and costs and streamlining the whole process compared to traditional methods.The cost-effectiveness and timeliness of the response is guaranteed by AI and Document Automation technologies that are used by professionals in the sector to minimize their manual work. Simplicity is guaranteed through a user friendly and intuitive interface. Given the social nature of the company, there are many actors involved. In addition to the individual victim of hatred, the mission of Chi Odia Paga can be shared by all those subjects such as associations, brands or institutions, who want to promote equality and inclusion, which can also finance the project with a view to CSR and Branding.

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