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Blind and visually impaired people face many difficulties in accessing the digital entertainment world, because today the existing market is not sufficiently served by inclusive gaming solutions.The solution is a system that includes a controller and an app to be installed in the mobile phone. The player has only to pair the controller with the mobile's Bluetooth, to wear his headset and to run a game from the platform. So, the player is guided within the virtual environment by the controller's vibrations and the stereophonic sound. NOVIS's mission is to disrupt any barriers that limit the access to autonomous and inclusive entertainment forms.The project was born thanks to the partnerships with several blind and visually impaired associations: the U.I.C.I. association (Unione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti) and the A.P.R.I. Onlus association (Associazione Pro Retinopatici ed Ipovedenti) of Turin. The solution is co-created with the final users who will benefit the most from it, but NOVIS's vision is also to develop a brand-new way of playing that could disrupt the way sighted people are currently experiencing gaming. The core team has all the necessary skills to scale up the project: business development, software development and hardware development. The games are also developed in partnership with several software houses, such as Broken Arms Games (Piedmont, ItalyThe first final gaming experience will be ready for summer 2020 and it will allow the first 50 beta-testers to test and buy the first release of BlindConsole.

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