Reference area



Digital Health Care




Filippo Piatti

Other members

Omar Pappalardo, Giovanni Rossini, Emiliano Votta, Alberto Redaelli

Business Idea

Artiness - spin-off of the Department of Electronics, Information and BioEngineering of Politenico di Milano - develops software solutions based on augmented reality to provide 3D innovative support systems to medical doctors, starting from the analysis of medical images (computed tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasounds). The end-user is the medical doctor, or surgeon, that takes advantage of the technology in the pre-operative analysis of the patient case or during the surgical intervention itself. Artiness is testing the technology and its products in clinical environments for the validation phase, thanks to collabprations established with the major Hospital and Center of Excellence in the north-Italy region and Europe, while supporting the adoption of the technology with dedicated training and education sessions.Artiness solutions are based on a common Cloud platform tailored for high scalability, characterized by proprietary algorithms and software for medical data processing. Such solutions consists of a Pre-Procedural Planning tool, a Remote Assistance platform and a Training/Education library for students. Artiness software core technology is in validation phase to target the Medical Device certification, coupled to state-of-the-art smart glasses for Mixed Reality visualization

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