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Renewable Energies




Salvatore Occhipinti

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Salvo Salerno, Lara Licitra

Business Idea

REIWA ENGINE designed and built Sandstorm, the robot that cleans solar panels. Everywhere. Alone. The robot is equipped with an advanced cleaning system, able to overcome the limitations of existing technologies. It is self-powered and allows dry cleaning in an automatic manner, responding to the maintenance needs of photovoltaic parks located in desert areas, particularly subject to the accumulation of dust that compromises their efficiency. The innovative elements that characterize the robot mainly concern:- The handling device that allows to overcome any obstacle caused by differences in height and gaps between the rows of panels, thanks to an innovative system that always manages to ensures a condition of balance of the entire robot in the working phases.- The guiding elements that anchor, guide and align the robot during the climbing phases. In any area of the plant and in absolute autonomy.It is currently the only completely autonomous robot able to increase the efficiency and performance of photovoltaic parks.

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