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Andrea Ridi

Other members

Marco Muselli, Ester Pescio, Marco Massini, Federico Salvitti

Business Idea

RuleX is a decision management platform that can automate data-based decision processes thanks to machine learning, optimization, and business rules. The proprietary algorithm, Logic Learning Machine (LLM), is the pulsating force of the software. RuleX works differently from conventional AI: instead of using of complex mathematical functions, LLM produces logical rules that suggest the best decisions to business experts. These LLM decisions are straight-forward and can be easily integrated with business knowledge.
RuleX's unique ability to explain its predictions offers a competitive advantage to businesses. From a privacy perspective, GDPR requires relevant decisions for people's lives (such as granting a loan or fraud recognition) be explained in an understandable language. RuleX is the only decision automation software which is GDPR compliant by design.
Furthermore, it is easy to integrate RuleX with any enterprise software, app or control system thanks to advanced features such as: data preparation, data integration, API connections, macros etc.The product is mainly aimed at large companies for financial services, supply chain, marketing manufacturing and energy solutions.The company is based in Boston, but its "Innovation Labs" (R&D department) is based in Italy - Genoa.RuleX was nominated by Gartner as one of its "Cool Vendors in AI Core Technologies", was awarded as "One of the Ten Most Disruptive Technologies" by MIT Sloan School of Management and won the EY Startup Challenge for Big Data Analytics in Supply Chain & Customer Intelligence. 

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