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Marco Alba

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Daniele Arduini, Stefano Brigli, Enrico Berto, Simone Altobrando

Business Idea

Kampaay offers a platform through which the B2B, B2C or B2B2C customer can organize an event with a few clicks in a simple, fast and reliable way. After logging into the proprietary mobile app, the customer can organize an entire event by configuring and purchasing all the services offered by the professionals and suppliers registered on the platform: - Selection and delivery of drinks; - Food Catering ; - Cocktail preparation (barman service) ; - Event assistants (ie waiters); - Rental and assembly of infrastructures and light / audio systems; - Rental of the location; - Post-event cleaning; 
The solution addresses three main targets: - Companies (B2B) Spending between € 350 - € 5k for each events. They organize events for business meetings, marketing or team building activities; - Private (B2C). Average expense € 350. Students and workers aged between 18 and 65 who want to organize private parties (10-50 people), or birthdays, graduations, baptisms ...; - Traditional event agencies and Location / Space managers (B2B2C intermediaries). Average spending between € 80 - € 1.5k. They use Kampaay mainly for the supply of professional staff in white-label mode, as support for the events they organize. 
Kampaay can count on a large and continuously growing customer portfolio, among which we find: CocaCola, Impact Hub, Salesforce, ScuolaZOO, Leica . The service is currently active in Milan. The launch of the service in 5 of the main Italian cities is expected in the short term.

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