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Smart Mold


Giovanni Lucchetta

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Davide Masato, Marco Sorgato

Business Idea

As a spin-off of the University of Padua, Smart Mold has patented an innovative surface coating for injection molds, which allows to mold plastic parts with a larger use of post-consumer recycled plastics. This type of plastic is usually discarded due to its high viscosity which makes it not suitable for injection molding. The solution consists in treating the surface of the molds with a permanent nanostructured coating, which can facilitate the filling of the mold. The coating is permanent and does not contaminate the plastics. Furthermore, it also allows to reduce the thickness of the molded parts, guaranteeing further savings on the raw material used. The main goal is therefore to reduce the consumption of virgin plastic, which has a huge environmental impact, ensuring a high product quality.The company offers two main services:I) the realization of the surface coating;II) the engineering of the molded part for a significant reduction in thickness.Smart Mold has been granted a patent for industrial invention in Italy. This patent will be extended to the United States, to India and to the main European countries. 

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