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Alessio Mauro

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Tamaghna Basu, Sourabh Sharma

Business Idea

NeoEYED helps enterprises to detect online frauds with an invisible solution based on the behavioral recognition. Thanks to a series of AI algorithms, neoEYED is able to recognize the users just by looking the way they interact with an application without changing the user experience or using other authentication factors like OTP, captcha or biometrics systems. This allow the enterprises to increase the security of their users/employees, simplifying it. With hundreds of datapoints related to the context, the device, the browser, the finger pressure, touch interactions or mouse movements, neoEYED can generate a unique profile of the users and detect the fraud in real-time to immediately stop the attackers. It's a solution that is easy to integrate, for any application, web or mobile, dedicated to banks and enterprises looking for detect account takeover, bot attacks, password sharing... neoEYED has established already several partnerships in US, Asia and Africa and it has received many awards from companies like Mastercard, FIS, PwC, IBM... It was also part of several incubators dedicated to cybersecurity like Mach37, ICE71 and PayPal.

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