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Stefano Chiocchini

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Matteo Graziani, Sauro Alessandretti

Business Idea

Serranova designs and builds compact modular greenhouses, designed to be installed in catering businesses, condominiums, and private homes. The greenhouses incorporate a patented photoluminescence method that allows to increase the dimensional growth of plants up to 3 or 4 times compared to traditional agriculture. The greenhouse is an integrated system of innovative technologies:- Photoluminescence - Serranova has patented a mix of photoluminescent powders printed inside silk-screened glass that envelop the structure and convert any external light source (natural or artificial), in a broad spectrum between 400mm and 700mm, which stimulates photosynthesis. When there is no external light source, LEDs are used with the aim of keeping the photoluminescence at maximum peaks.- Water filter - For the air purification, an innovative system is used that filters the air with the use of water, breaking down all types of polluting suspensions and ensuring protection from the attacks of the most common bacteria and parasites. It is characterized by low maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption.- Automated irrigation system - adjusts itself based on the ambient temperature and the consequent water requirement of the plants. The irrigation system can also collect rainwater and use it to irrigate the crop after being filtered.A home automation system manages the LED lighting system and the irrigation system through humidity sensors, records the history of the accesses made.The production of 3 greenhouse models is in the start-up phase for outdoor and indoor, the latter able to contain up to 250 "pods" with 150 types of different crops, which can be purchased directly from the Serranova application or the website

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