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Sebastiano Zannoli

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Francesca Natali, Massimo Ceccarelli

Business Idea

Angiodroid, born in 2013 from a spin-off of SparkBio (a company specialized in diagnostic and interventional technologies), develops and markets innovative medical products capable to take advantage of medical gases features in different situations of medical intervention.The Company has developed the first automatic CO2 injector (Angiodroid The CO2 Injector) for the use of CO2 as a contrast medium in peripheral angiography, that are diagnostic tests and intervention procedures aimed at resolving arterial and venous malformations.
CO2 is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic and 100% biocompatible gas: this is why the Angiodroid injector is a cheaper, more effective and less risky alternative than iodinated contrast media injectors  - used up to now on a large scale to perform these procedure -  but which report a high rate of complications, including nephrotoxicity, allergic reactions and kidney failure.The advantages of automatic CO2 angiography ensure greater safety of intervention, which translates into a reduction in complications, faster hospitalization and savings in direct and indirect costs.
The user-friendly and fully automatic Angiodroid technology is already patented in Europe and includes a portable injector and a disposable adapter (for connection to the patient). It allows a CO2 dosage in 6 seconds at precise and controlled volumes and pressures, making the examination more precise than manual systems.Angiodroid' goal is to expand its business landing in the two most important markets worldwide, US and China, where strategic industrial partnerships have already been signed and market certifications are expected within a few months.Angiodroid has collected over 35 scientific publications in 7 years, which have demonstrated and validated the extent of technological innovation and has set up collaborations with senior consultants for the scale-up business plan.

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