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Business Idea

Ono Exponential Farming is a start-up company active in the Agritech industry. The company has developed and patented a fully automated modular platform for hydroponic farming. The platform, assisted by algorithms operating through artificial intelligence, helps to create an optimal environment for agriculture, in order to eliminate waste and sources of pollution and achieve the highest efficiency. The innovative model, developed by ONO Exponential Farming, consists of isolated and pressurized modules which prevent bacteria from entering the production areas. The system is connected to the ONO EF cloud system which, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, controls the climate control systems, the supply of plant nutrients and the internal movement of the production blocks to ensure the best growing conditions. The platform has a very advanced degree of automation: the human contribution is indeed limited to defining the level of production output, and both the phases of preparation for cultivation, and those of logistics and maintenance, are entirely managed by algorithms and proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence systems. 
ONO Exponential Farming represents the Agricultural Revolution 4.0 by making agriculture a production facility. The company's goal is to become a reference point in the agritech sector by 2025, as well as being recognized as one of the main players in technological development in the field of indoor farming.

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